203K Discovery Days

September 21-22, 2018

  • Millennium Harvest House, Boulder Colorado



Home Inspectors, General Contractors & Real Estate Professionals:

“Want to 10x Your Sales, Triple Your Profits and Build a Better Business as a 203k Consultant?”

Then you'll want to register NOW for an amazing certification training weekend!

What you can expect during this once a year ONLY weekend...

  • FHA Minimum Property Standards Training (know what the appraisers are looking for and how to sell this knowledge to your clients)
  • Certification Testing
  • Application Package Creation
  • Software Training
  • Tour of the InterNACHI House of Horrors

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Join Us:

  • September 21-22, 2018
  • Boulder Colorado


Address: 1345 28th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Special Room Rate: $159/Night

Weekend includes Breakfast, lunch both days and dinner on Friday night.


We will be having a 1/2 day at the InterNACHI Headquarters House of Horrors


Joseph Brandli,
Charm City Consultants
Baltimore MD

NAFHAC is the driving force in the 203k industry and my personal choice to get certified as a 203k Consultant. From the 203k Discovery Days, which was amazing information and the process for the certification streamlined to perfection. Catherine is amazing! She is a vault of knowledge and literally works non-stop. If there is a need, she's there to assist along with her wonderful staff. I am new to the 203k world and look forward to a long relationship with the NAFHAC team!
Nathan Spaulding
National Property Inspections
I absolutely love what Catherine is doing with NAFHAC. She is building a community in which we are all improving the 203k process and helping people rebuild cities. Her 203k In a Box software has revolutionized my business and it keeps getting better. She is a wealth of knowledge in the renovation loan world, which can seem overwhelming. Anybody considering entering this business should look no further. I've been doing them for 7 years and used all the other systems (which are not really systems, just clunky software), 203k In a Box is by far the best!
Joseph Brandli
Charm City Construction Consultants

Cary and Angelica Morrell
Morell Inspection Services
Thibodaux, LA

Just want to say thanks to Catherine and the team. I was a 203k consultant prior to joining NAFHAC, but I realized rather quickly that the process was to cumbersome and complex to manage without a solid project management tool and coaching support. Since joining a few months ago, I’ve seen great returns and I’ve been able to slice out a nice niche in the Houston market. I’m building a network of brokers and lenders that should yield work for years to come. I’ve even received requests to present for an office just outside of town. I still have a long way to go but I see a great future ahead with our partnership/membership in NAFHAC.
Adam Rivon
3rd° Home inspections
The organization and consultants are very helpful in the success of residential renovation projects nationwide. Agents, loan officers, contractors, home inspectors and renovation consultants All benefit from the wealth of knowledge found on the website, YouTube channel and live training events. Well worth your time!
Nathan McGee
Green America Home Inspections
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